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Introduction to Evaluation

As you begin to explore how to evaluate your work, here are some resources to help you improve your understanding of the evaluation process and to get started.


Introduction to Evaluation – Webinar

This webinar discusses the basics of evaluation within Extension, including why and when to conduct evaluations, as well as commonly used evaluation methods. In addition, an introduction to logic models has been reviewed and several tips for evaluation shared.

Click here to access the webinar: Introduction to Evaluation – Webinar.

This document is a copy of the slides presented during the webinar: Introduction to Evaluation – Webinar Presentation Slides


Other Resources Available

Here are some additional resources to help you understand evaluation.

Logic Models

“A logic model is a systematic and visual way to present and share your understanding of the relationships among the resources you have to operate your program, the activities you plan, and the changes or results you hope to achieve” (W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 2004).

A logic model is a tool that can be used to assist with program planning and development. After completed, it provides a visual of what the program or project plans to accomplish, the resources necessary for the program or project to be successful, and the impact of the program or project.

While not required to be completed prior to beginning a program or project, its usefulness does make developing and implementing one a recommended best practice.

As part of its program development resources, the University of Wisconsin – Extension has developed a highly useful logic model template and training.

If you’re interested in completing your own logic model, a template available for download can be found here.

Additional Reading

These readings provide supplementary information that may be helpful to your understanding about evaluating Extension programming.

Utah State University published an overview to help Extension faculty understand the planning of a program evaluation. You can read it here.

While focused on evaluating health and development programs, this Centers for Disease Control material provides readers with a comprehensive overview of an evaluation framework. You can access it here.

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